Hans Berend

Hans Berend spent his childhood in Chicago helping his dad with home renovation projects. Building was something that came naturally for Hans and he felt himself drawn to the home building and renovation business.

Following in his father’s footsteps, as an adult, Hans and his wife, Heidi began renovating homes as a hobby. Their interest in home renovations began as they drove around various neighborhoods searching for homes with “potential.” When they found one, they discussed how they could re-do or improve the property. Finally they purchased a few “homes with potential,” for their own personal renovation projects - one in Steamboat Springs, Colo., and two in Moab, Utah. Through these projects Hans expanded his knowledge and skills in building design and building construction.

With an eye on his passion for building homes, Hans initially balanced Colorado's drastic seasonal weather with summer construction jobs and winters as a ski instructor. Over the next several years, Hans worked with concrete, in a custom cabinetry shop and as a carpenter under several building contractors in Steamboat. To balance work with play, Hans owned and operated the Steamboat Fishing Company (now called Steamboat Flyfisher). 30 miles of private river leases and a downtown retail space ensured success along with his excellent guides. In the off-seasons Hans traveled to the Bahamas, Chile and Argentina - including three separate expeditions to Patagonia - to guide private fishing trips.

His interaction with clients at his fishing business was something Hans longed for in his construction business. While his reputation for fine woodworking and carpentry continued to grow, he found himself isolated and confined to a workshop. After building much of the furniture for the St. Paul’s Episcopal Church downtown sanctuary, Hans decided it was time for his next adventure. In 1998, he started his own building company, Alpha Construction. With his construction company, Hans has expanded his repertoire to include general contracting. Through his business he has been able to work closely with clients and skilled tradespeople, building compelling, quality homes in Steamboat ever since.

His love of the personal side of the building business and high standards for each job made him a perfect fit for a company which combined building and design. With Jeff Gerber, the two men have developed a business that focuses on green building construction, sustainable design and creative use of environment and materials. Each project they work on is held to the highest standards to ensure their client’s satisfaction.