Look a Little Closer

It might seem like design-build is all about the big stuff: high ceilings, a dramatic entryway, a unique staircase. You know, the things that really wow a person when they enter a new house.

But we also love getting into the corners of a house, going beyond the big and getting into the details.

For this project, we collaborated with another architect, and we had a lot of client input.  We put our expert craftsmanship into every inch of this home.

The cloudlift details on every shelf and bookcase, the ebony added throughout the house—they reflect the dedication and care that our carpenters brought to their work.

Now, this family lives in a home that’s not only well-designed at the macro-level—and solidly built—but they also know we’ve paid attention to every finish, joint, and hinge.

So let the beautiful timber framing wow you, then have a closer look. In this house, the beauty is all in the details.