Daniel Jessen had years of commercial contracting experience under his belt and was in the process of creating his own construction company, Jessen Construction, when we met him. What better way to showcase your construction and contracting skills than to build your own custom home in an unusual setting downtown Steamboat Springs?

Over a decade ago, Jen Jessen had the foresight and vision to invest in a rare property conveniently located within Old Town, but nestled in the aspens and pines and bordered by an irresistible winding creek. The site offered a convergence of privacy and nature, and the Jessens wanted a home that blended into the remarkable natural landscape.

Driven and inspired by the Jessens’ design preferences, we connected immediately on character, style and detailing. This house was conceived as a series of private, traditionally-shaped living pods. They were organized around a central, modern free-flowing communal space created out of glass and timbers under a low-pitched vegetative roof. The master suite, secondary bedrooms, den and entry tower, together with the living space, create an overall free flowing form that takes reference from traditional shed and gable elements.

The central living spaces are framed with multiple bents of reclaimed beetle kill pine columns and fir beams connected by traditional timber joinery. Carrying the structural loads of the living roof, these bents open up the exterior wall to expansive glass openings, allowing the fieldstone interior flooring to extend under the timber structure into cozy covered patios.

A two-sided, stone-clad fireplace separates the major living spaces. The Jessens’ sophisticated use of interior reclaimed siding, muted paint tones and rich wood trim and cabinetry creates a casual elegance and comfort that embraces family and friends alike. Our steel, timber and hardwood stair design, meticulously crafted by Daniel, enhances the refined quality of the interior finishes and serves as a primary sculptural element for the main dining room.