Every once in a while, when a residence is conceived and created, the collective visions of the Owners, Architect, and Builder are in perfect alignment and the results are extraordinary… this is the story of the TS Jones Residence.

When Susan & Tom Jones imagined their home in Steamboat Springs, CO they envisioned a structure strongly rooted in the local historical vernacular of “Old Town” with gabled roof forms, clapboard siding, metal roofing and modest double hung window openings. Complement to their respect of the past, they also realized that more contemporary forms, materials, and openings have also become a welcomed part of the Old Town fabric and reflect the true nature of their family’s living patterns. From this unique duality, the collective vision for the home was born: Create a home comfortable in the tradition of Old Town Steamboat, yet coupled with more modern notions of architectural expression, spatial relationships, and material textures.

Susan & Tom reasoned that to achieve this more sophisticated architectural vision, they needed a company with truly integrated Architecture and Construction who could coordinate this stylistic interplay, create a high performance and energy efficient structure, and respect the collective vision in the creation and execution of every detail… enter Gerber Berend Design Build, Architecture + Construction. Having pioneered Design/Build in Steamboat Springs eight years prior, their now well practiced integration of experienced designers with meticulous craftsmen was the perfect complement to Susan & Tom’s refined tastes and unique vision. Together, they envisioned the private bedroom spaces within a steep, vintage metal roofed, traditional volume whose charcoal grey clapboard siding renders it a silhouette of Steamboat’s simple beginnings as a turn of the century Western ranching town.

The public spaces celebrate the present with simple shed roof forms and open volumes, contemporary glass openings, exposed steel structure and interior details, board formed concrete, venetian plaster, and concrete floors. Tempering this crisp modern framework, Shou Sugi Ban rain screen siding, stained larch ceilings, and stained poplar trim provide the warm counterpoint. The transparent and light filled stair hall clad in corrugated vintage metal exists as the figurative and literal bridge between these two worlds exposing intimate views of Soda Creek. This interplay of past and present exists comfortably within a sophisticated canvas of white venetian plaster with black stained cabinetry and clean untrimmed door and window openings. Susan Jones’ bold color accents bring life to this neutral canvas in her choice of playful furniture, lighting, accessories and feature elements. Gerber Berend’s design and execution of interior and exterior architectural features create modern undertones of texture and pattern through which Susan’s feature moments can shine.

The results of this inspired collaboration are cleanly detailed, intimate living spaces warmed with diffused light and natural material textures; all this brought to life with playful splashes of color and grounded in a concise identity that moderates between Susan & Tom Jones’ respect for Old Town Steamboat’s traditional past brought forward to celebrate its colorful present.