The Butterfly Effect


What does it take to bring a classic into the light?

That was the question asked of us when we were asked about a dark house on an amazing lot near downtown. While we had our eye on this house for a long time, it took the sale to a couple with vision, patience and style to make it a real project.

The original house was built in the 70’s and shows it. That is to say that it was of a low slung style with some clean “modern” lines. Clean views of Mount Werner and Fish Creek were squandered with deep overhangs and small windows. Materials were rough and dated inside and out.

All the basic infrastructure needed help. Yet this house has something special. We had looked at it before with prospective buyers and we knew what it could be. They didn’t.

We heard that it had sold, so when we got a call to come look at it we thought, why not? But this time the buyers saw what we saw. They saw both the charm and the limitations of the basic design and they let us run with it.

Results have been dramatic. We saved the house and tore it up the middle, creating bold, open and airy spaces that expose the views for the public areas. The wings to the east and west along with lower level are being saved as well, holding on to the allure of that beautiful quirkiness. The old and the new blend together nicely with each part supporting and contrasting the other.

This is a forever house – something exceptional!