Nestled up alongside Soda Creek is this little oasis known as the Zen Den.

It’s a space that’s both sparse and inviting, a place where you can settle in and find inner peace.

This small infill lot posed a bit of a challenge, but our design team knew that by taking the house and land together, we could bring out the best in both. We worked with the surrounding natural elements—like the creek—to come up with innovative ways to break down the barriers between inside and out.

For example, the walkway that connects the yoga studio to the main house has an uninterrupted view directly over the running water, a view you couldn’t get in nature unless you climbed a tree.

When it came to the construction, we were able to showcase our carpentry and craftsmanship. Using a photo as inspiration, our superintendent Tom took recycled lumber and created a unique, wooden accent wall behind the staircase. The design was vague, and it relied on Tom’s sense of the materials to create something aesthetic and unusual.

The Zen Den is a perfect example of knowing what you love and how you want to live. Though it’s on the smaller side, it lives large and accommodates guests. It’s also as functional as it is beautiful.

Stepping into this house, you feel at once totally at home and a world away.