Stuck in the Past

Our clients envisioned transforming Joe’s Garage, a simple structure built in 1929, into modern living and office space. Joe’s had been an auto mechanic’s shop on the industrial side of Boulder for nearly 60 years. Since this is a historic structure, the guidelines and restrictions imposed by Boulder’s Historic Preservationists would need to be carefully navigated in order to turn this vision into reality.

The City of Boulder has an impressive pre-design process for renovating historic structures. Our first step was to provide initial schematic design concepts to convert this property into three high-end townhomes with main level retail space along 23rd street and with upper level private offices on the Pearl Street side. We thought it was important to retain as much of the oldest and most iconic portion of Joe’s Garage as possible to allow its aesthetic character to remain unique.

Each townhome features an intimate rooftop deck with a fire pit to enjoy the spectacular views of Boulder’s Flatirons to the west. The townhomes all have a much-coveted private garage, entryway and main level patio as well.

White stucco references Joe’s primary exterior façade while slatted, clear cedar over large glass openings create a warm and inviting connection to the townhomes and offices. Hot rolled steel contrast both for a classic black and white contemporary and industrial contrast.

It has been truly amazing to re-imagine the next chapter for Joe’s Garage, which was left behind by Boulder’s industrial pioneers and has been stuck in its utilitarian past.