People Make the Difference

Each Gerber Berend team member is an artist in his/her own right with an interesting story. We are a group of people inspired by making beautiful spaces.


Hans Berend
Principal of Construction

Literal man of steel. Ethnicity: Kryptonian. His smile can light up a room. He has literally explored this as an alternative fuel source.

Hans Berend spent his childhood in Chicago helping his dad with home renovation projects. Building was something that came naturally for Hans and he felt himself drawn to the home building and renovation business. Following in his father’s footsteps as an adult, Hans initially balanced Colorado’s drastic seasonal weather with summer construction jobs and winters as a ski instructor.


Over the next several years, Hans worked with concrete, in a custom cabinetry shop and as a carpenter under several building contractors in Steamboat. To balance work with play, Hans owned and operated the Steamboat Fishing Company (now called Steamboat Flyfisher). Thirty miles of private river leases and a downtown retail space ensured success along with his excellent guides. In the off-seasons Hans traveled to the Bahamas, Chile and Argentina – including three separate expeditions to Patagonia – to guide private fishing trips.

Hans and his wife, Heidi began renovating homes as a hobby. Together they purchased a few “homes with potential,” for their own personal renovation projects – one in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and two in Moab, Utah. Through these projects Hans expanded his knowledge and skills in building design and building construction.

All the while, Hans’ reputation for fine woodworking and carpentry continued to grow, however he found himself isolated and confined to a workshop and he missed the interaction with clients he’d developed at his fishing business. After building much of the furniture for the St. Paul’s Episcopal Church downtown sanctuary, Hans decided it was time to start his own building company, Alpha Construction – where he expanded his repertoire to include general contracting. Through his business he has been able to work closely with clients and skilled tradespeople, building compelling, quality homes in Steamboat ever since.

His love of the personal side of the building business and high standards for each job made him a perfect fit for a company which combined construction and design. With Jeff Gerber, the two men have developed a business that focuses on high performance construction, sustainable design and creative use of environment and materials. Each project they work on is held to the highest standards to ensure their client’s astonishment.


Jeff Gerber
Principal of Architecture

Chief idea officer. If you like his designs, then he did them. If you don’t, it doesn’t really matter. He is the Walrus.

By the fourth grade, Jeff knew what he wanted to be. His memorable report detailed his dream of a future in architecture. From then on, Jeff pursued his passion of creating inspired living spaces.

In 1989, following several internships at well-respected Washington D.C. architectural firms, Jeff received his architectural degree at the University of Virginia.


Acceptance into an international study program in Vicenza Italy gave Jeff an appreciation for classical architecture and design and an understanding of the urban fabric created by past civilizations.

After returning to the to the US Jeff was hired by the largest architectural firm in the country. Here Jeff gained hands-on experience honing his architectural skills and creating construction documents. As part of his education he was introduced to powerful computer modeling tools.

From Gensler and Associates, Jeff relocated to Boulder, Colorado in 1993 to leverage his experience as a Project Architect. With an MBA from the University of Colorado with concentrations in entrepreneurship and finance, Jeff created his first Design Build company. Clients sought him out, blessing Jeff with dozens of custom, client-inspired projects with carefully and cleanly detailed living spaces and natural materials expressed in a fresh, unique way.

In 2002, Jeff and his wife were seduced by the Yampa Valley and moved to Steamboat Springs, Colorado intent on new adventures and the adoption of three children from Kazakhstan: Eli, Ivy and Maudie. With a new family taking precedence in Jeff’s life, he focused solely on the Design aspect of architecture working at a local Steamboat architecture firm. During his time there, he designed, drew and administered many innovative and architecturally sophisticated residences. His use of natural materials set him apart from other architects in Steamboat. During the next six years, four of Jeff’s designs would include vegetative roofs, four would encompass at least one source of renewable energy, and one was designed and engineered to be “net zero.”

Longing for the inspiring collaborations and efficiencies of his Design Build company in Boulder, Jeff sought out a partner with whom he could create. In 2009, Jeff and Hans co-created Gerber Berend Design Build. Hans Berend brought talent, collaborative building and an amazing talent for motivating craftsmen to provide an exemplary level of service and quality to the table. The two men’s skills complemented one another. Their partnership sealed the perfect combination of design creativity, highly skilled craftsmen and exceptional value.

Our Team

The GB team includes architects, designers and construction field crews, which means plans are evaluated in terms of aesthetics, logistics and cost all under one roof. Since the design team and the build team are part of the same company, each side weighs in on plans, communicates the pros and cons to clients and supports each other. The build team is involved in the design phase of every project, just as the design team continues to participate and communicate with the construction crews and clients well after the plans are finished, until the construction is complete.



Formerly the king of the jungle who is not follicly challenged (he shaves it on purpose). Self-admitted hairy dog lover who likes pina coladas and getting caught in the rain.



Raised in the Chicago land area, he attended Northern Michigan University where he graduated with a degree in Construction Management. He has 2 young boys with his lovely wife Kate. Skip moonlights in every famous local band. But, he clearly still has his day job. Probably missed his calling as a backup dancer for Britney Spears. Realized the Beatles got it wrong. Love is not all you need.


Adam Hartstein
Project Manager / PARTNER

After graduating from the University of Michigan, Adam moved to Steamboat to “ski for just one winter.” 13 years later, Adam is happily married and finds building custom homes a great way to pass the time between powder days. He is a recovering ice cream addict and former child model for Gap Kids (honest truth). He is now gainfully employed and is able to start a fire with a match. He actually put the lime in the coconut and is a self-proclaimed stunt double for King Kong.



Ryan received his first set of tools at the age of 3 – they were plastic and he had to make the “power tool” sound effects. He was raised in Denver and attended Montana State University to study Construction Engineering Technology. Admitted coffee addict with no plans of recovering. The sorting hat put this one in Hufflepuff. He doesn’t need your approval, he’s got his own. He will serenade you in the shower but we’re not sure that’s a good thing.



Design Build Coordinator



After 25 years working in Residential Architecture and having a successful firm of his own, David finally gets to bring his experience to the Design Build process. He moved his family to Steamboat Springs for a better quality of life.

It will bewas a cold (also sad, for David) day in hell when his sons beat him down the mountain. He’s an aspiring desperado who has been out riding fences.



Penny comes to us from Falls Church, Virginia – bringing an extensive background in Residential Architecture and her adorable dog Mr. Blink! She acts like summer and walks like rain. Once had an unpaid internship as a professional origami folder. She’s probably the type that eats frosting with a spoon. “insert judgment here”







People Officer / Client Services

An advocate for both clients and employees, Beth works with the team to build a culture that results in a quality experience for everyone – customers and staff alike.

She is a Colorado native with a broad background including human resources, sales, marketing, graphic design, and metalsmithing! Despite having 5 kids AND spending many years in Utah, she is NOT a sister wife. As an avid jewelry maker when not in the office, she enjoys hammering things – precious metals, precious hearts, pretty much anything precious.



Professional forger and she knows all your bank information. She wastes her time wisely. Also a google doctor in her spare time. Don’t let her fool you though – she’s not as tough as she seems… She loves soft rock in the morning.





Sweet as can be, and hailing from Oklahoma – Tonto only responds to “GIT” – “Off” means nothing to him. (Belongs to Beth)

sampson dog on couch


The biggest smile we’ve ever seen, he rolls over for anybody!! (Belongs to Hans)

sampson dog on couch


This little sausage monster only behaves if bribed with sausage treats, but we love him anyway! (Belongs to Jeff)



Loves to pose for the camera… “Does this fur make my bottom look fat?” (Belongs to Skip)

sampson dog on couch

Meyli [May-Lee]
The Beautiful One

Meyli is a “mini” Aussie who grew an extra size or two. Her name means “beautiful” in Chinese and it’s fitting. (Belongs to Lu).

sampson dog on couch


Self-starter with strong attention to detail. He is a hard-working team player who is results oriented. In other words, he will do anything for a Frisbee. (Belongs to David Hoffman).