The beauty of 3-D Computer Modeling

Architectural renderings have come a long way from the blueprints sketched by industrious architects of days past. Today, three-dimensional renderings allow architects to create projects in a realistic manner so architects and clients can be on the same page about their vision within the course of a few days instead of months. This helps eliminate the surprises that come when a client sees a structure erected from a two-dimensional drawing that they weren’t really able to envision. During the framing process is not the time to have homeowners  become aware of windows being too high or not capturing an important view.

Gerber Berend Design Build’s design program allows us to plot homes on the landscape they will exist upon. Views from windows and outdoor spaces are mapped into our program so our clients can ‘walk’ through their home and see what they will see when the building is erected. This helps determine if windows are tall enough or if the beam on the porch is high enough. Will the views from a particular room include Storm Peak or the Flat Top Mountains? Previously you wouldn’t have a real conceptual understanding of views until framing of the home began.

Our program also has the ability to do sun studies. We can turn the sun on, tell it the time of day, or the month and latitude, in order to find out if the overhangs are correct. Is the house taking in too much sun in the summer when you don’t want heat or is the design limiting the passive solar gain in the winter when you really want it?

Clients who have built houses in a more traditional way are blown away by what we can do. Once they understand how powerful our program is, they want us to incorporate every detail into our renderings from moving furniture to creating light fixtures. This works well for people who are very particular or detail oriented. If you have questions about our program or want to know more about how we can help you by designing your home, please contact us!