GBDB Design+Build Process

Your Project Roadmap from Start to Finish


The initial meeting is on us!

We meet at your home or on your land and hear about your overall plan and discuss our design/build process. We also enjoy the opportunity to show you some of our current and completed projects.

The next step is our Commitment to Design Agreement. We will meet to discuss your vision in depth. This is the time to hear about your goals, passions and ideas; to discuss how you live, and your property’s unique characteristics. This is the pre-design phase when our team will:

  • Put together a design cost proposal and construction budget for the project. Yes, it is true. We actually provide you with projected construction costs before we begin any design work!!
  • Collect any available municipal information in order to conduct a code review and to determine project feasibility and strategy.

Jeff leads his team to create an initial schematic design model using our CAD 3D program which will give you a clear visualization of your project, whether it is a new home or a renovation. When this is complete, together, we will review:

  • Floor plans, elevations, the 3D model, 3D section views
  • Construction costs, which will be provided in detail by the project manager that is on your project team. (This is the second round of pricing for your project.)

With approval of the initial concepts in the schematic design phase, our design team will execute the design development and construction documents for the project. Our scope usually includes developing the interior finishes as well.

As the designers move forward, at this point we agree to a Commitment to Build and set a date to commence construction.


During the construction phase, your vision becomes a reality! Our team will work together to ensure maximum efficiency, quality of workmanship and cohesive management. In every instance, the constant communication between your designer, project manager, and everyone in the field ensures that your vision and your budget are adhered to from excavation to final cleaning.


We share the heart-felt enthusiasm that our clients express when their dream home has finally been completed. But our relationship does not end with moving in furniture and hanging photos on the wall. GB’s commitment to you and your project lasts long past the industry’s standard warranty period to give you an extra measure of reassurance. We and our subcontractors warranty your project with an unquestioned 2-year warranty. We stand behind our work so that you can relax and fully enjoy life in your new home. After all, this is the ultimate goal – happy clients living the dream!